Patient Care

Dysautonomia Clinic provides consultations to patients and physicians worldwide. Our patients receive a detailed and comprehensive neurologic evaluation consisting of structured interview, medical record review, neuroimaging review, focused neurologic exam, diagnostic impression and recommendations for individualized treatment options and further diagnostic tests. We search for the underlying cause of your symptoms and work with your local physicians to achieve a common goal of improving your health. Our unique email and voice message system allows you to be connected to Dr. Blitshteyn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can accommodate your schedule by providing consultations during evening and weekend hours, as well as on an urgent basis, for example if you are feeling very ill and your local doctors don’t know how to help you, or if you are hospitalized and your treating physicians are not sure how to manage your condition. Read our frequently asked question section (link) for further information about our clinic.

Medical Legal Expert Consulting

Dr. Blitshteyn works as a medical expert witness on various medico-legal cases, including disability, medical malpractice, vaccine injury and insurance reimbursement. Dr. Blitshteyn was the medical expert witness on the 1st case ever tried in the US Court of Federal Claims, concerning POTS after Gardasil vaccine, and the 1st ever prevailing case of neurologic injury (autoimmune encephalitis) aftter Gardasil vaccine. In both cases, she testified in the US Court of Federal Claims on behalf of the petitioner/patient.